Resources for authors

How to start a systematic review within Cochrane Childhood Cancer

First, identify a focused 4-part review topic (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) about interventions for children or/ and young adults with cancer. Second, ask the CCG Editorial Base if the topic already has been covered by an existing Cochrane systematic review. Third, if the topic has not been covered, please fill in the CCG Review Proposal form and send this form to the CCG Editorial Base.

How to perform a Cochrane systematic review

From September 2013, the Cochrane Editorial Unit (CEU) will commence a pre-publication quality assurance programme for new Cochrane Reviews of intervention. This will involve screening each new intervention review against key criteria. We refer to the webpage of the CEU for more information.

The protocol or review will be published as green open access. The full text will be available 12 months after publication.
If you choose for gold open access, a fee has to be paid. Please see:

For Chinese authors:

Five GRADE papers published in the Chin J Evid-based Med has been put on the official website of the Chinese Cochrane Centre ( for free access. 
Currently 4 other GRADE papers (from J Clin Epidemiol, 2011) are translated and will also be published in the Chin J Evid-based Med.