Getting started

A warm welcome to everyone  who is interested in writing a systematic review within the scope of Cochrane Childhood Cancer

You may have heard that writing a Cochrane review is a big commitment. Authors are expected to adhere to the methodological standards as set out in the Cochrane Handbook. This can be very time-consuming, especially for new review authors who are not yet familiar with Cochrane methods. Fortunately, Cochrane offers many resources/tools to help you write your systematic review, such as training workshops, online training modules, webinars and the Cochrane Handbooks.

Our website also offers a lot of useful information, tools and documents. First of all, our website includes information on each of the four stages in preparing a systematic review on Interventions* 

  1. propose a Title
  2. submit the Protocol
  3. submit the full Review
  4. submit an Update 

Take a look at Cochrane's interactive learning module 1 'Introduction to conducting systematic reviews' and module 9 'Introduction to health economics'

Furthermore, our webpage Methodology to be used contains the CCG methodological standards that authors are obliged to use in addition to the Cochrane standards. This webpage also contains a selection of relevant  and easy-to-read (open access) publications. Also our FAQ webpage can be helpful. Consult our webpage Policy if you like to know more about Cochrane policies.

If further clarification is needed please contact the Editorial Base. We look forward helping you!

* if you are interested in writing a Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) review please click here