Cochrane Childhood Cancer follows the policies listed below:

CCG Conflicts-of-Interest policy

  • The review must be free of any real or perceived bias introduced by receipt of any benefit in cash or other kind, any hospitality, or any funds derived from any source that may have or be perceived to have an interest in the outcome of the review.
  • Review authors must complete CoI forms prior to publishing the review protocol and the (updated) review.
  • Individuals who are employed by a company that has a real or potential financial interest in the outcome of the Cochrane Review (including but not limited to drug companies or medical device manufacturers), or who hold or have applied for a patent related to the Cochrane Review are prohibited from being Cochrane Review authors.
  • Review authors are referred to the webpage Conflict of interests and Cochrane Reviews for additional information about the different types of conflict of interest and the policy of Cochrane
  • If an author of a review is also an author of one of the original trials included in the review, this should be stated in the review
  • Peer reviewers are asked to state any potential conflict of interest and if deemed necessary by Cochrane Childhood Cancer another peer reviewer will be used
  • Members of the Editorial Team who are an author of a review do not take part in the refereeing process for their own protocol/review and the final decision on acceptance for publication.
  • Editors are prohibited from being employees of a pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer.

CCG Academic Integrity

  • Cochrane Childhood Cancer has procedures to detect plagiarism at all stages of review development, including the protocol stage. Authors suspected of plagiarism will be confronted and may be given guidance on how rephrase or quote another's work .