Review on interventions - Propose a Title

Before you start

 Process and Timeline

  • Inform the Editorial Base about the research question you are  interested in. IMPORTANT: include information on Population, Intervention, Control, Outcome (PICO) in your email. This information is needed for a 1st global screening for overlap.
  • In case of no obvious overlap the authors will complete the CCG Review Proposal form and assemble an author team. CCG requires that author teams: 
    • include at least one author with clinical expertise
    • include at least one author who has participated in a published Cochrane review
    • include at least one author who is proficient in writing English
    • possess (or have access to) the statistical skills
  • The Editorial Board will then:
    • evaluate if the author team meets all requirements
    • evaluate the clinical relevance of the research question
    • distribute the Title among all Cochrane review groups to ensure that there is no duplication with their titles, protocols and reviews
  • If all conditions are fulfilled, the Editorial Base will inform the authors that they can start preparing the protocol for their review
  • Click here for a flow chart of the process and timeline 
  • See Cochrane's online interactive learning module 2 'Writing the review protocol'


After a Title is registered within Cochrane, the Editorial Board has the right to deregister or transfer the Title to a new author team if the authors do not meet the deadlines or when it becomes clear that the authors won’t be able to perform a high quality systematic review