Review on interventions - Publish a full Review

Before you start

  • Attend a training workshop on systematic reviews if you have not yet done so
  • Use Cochrane Open Learning Modules or try Cochrane’s Training website
  • Read a published review and consult the Cochrane Handbook
  • We strongly advice authors to carefully read our webpage  Methodology to be used
  • Make sure you have the most current version of RevMan
  • Make yourself familiar with Covidence (to support study selection) and GradePro (to create a Summary of Findings table)
  • You are prepared to begin!

Process and Timeline

  • Run the searches in the databases as described in the protocol
  • Perform additional searches
  • Perform, with at least 2 authors independently,
  • Perform the data analysis
  • Use the GradePro for grading the quality of evidence and to create a Summary of Findings (SoF) table
  • Tip: follow the guidance  on Cochrane criteria in RevMan while you are editing your review
  • Tip: follow the guidance of the Cochrane Style Manual
  • Tip: use  a published review as example but realize that Cochrane criteria are regularly updated  
  • A draft Review should be submitted within 12 months of publication of the Protocol. Please note that at the time of publication the Review's search can be maximal 1 year old.
  • The editorial process for full Reviews is the same as for Protocols
  • Click here for a flow chart of the process and timeline


A draft Review should be submitted within 1 year of publication of the Protocol. If a Review has not been received within two years, the Editorial Board reserves the right to make the topic available to other interested author teams.