Review on interventions - Publish a Protocol

Before you start

Process and Timeline

  • A Protocol should give a detailed outline of
  1. the rationale for doing the review;
  2. the Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcomes (PICO) you plan to examine;
  3. how you plan to search the literature, select relevant studies, assess Risk of Bias, extract and analyse the data
  • A draft Protocol should be submitted within 6 months of Title registration.
  • After submission, the Editorial Board will determine if the Protocol meets all requirements of a high quality protocol. If this is not the case, authors will be provided with comments and asked to submit a revised version and a point-to-point reply within 3 weeks.
  • When all requirements are met the Protocol will be sent for peer review
  • After having received the comments of the referees, authors should submit a revised Protocol within 3 weeks as well as a document including a point-to-point reply to the referees’ comments and a description of all changes made to the Protocol.
  • If the revised Protocol does not sufficiently reflect the referees’ comments the authors will be asked to submit another revision within 3 weeks.
  • If a Protocol is accepted for publication and all authors have submitted the necessary forms, the Protocol will be sent for copy-edit. After the author’s approval of the copy-edited version the Protocol will be published in the Cochrane Library.
  • The authors can now start preparing the full review
  • Click here for a flow chart of the process and timeline
  • Important

    A draft Protocol should be submitted within 6 months of Title registration. The Editorial Board has the right to deregister or transfer the title to a new author team if a Protocol has not been received within one year.