Review on interventions - Publish an Update

Before you start

  • Contact the Editorial Base
    • to set a date for the search and for submitting the updated review
    • to discuss whether the search strategy is still appropriate
    • to discuss if the methodology needs to be updated  (e.g. risk of bias criteria; GRADE / SoF table)
  • Consider if
    • the author team needs new members to complete the task
    • the inclusion criteria for studies are still appropriate
  • Refresh your knowledge of systematic reviews  by
  • Make sure you have the most current version of RevMan
  • You are prepared to begin!

Process and Timeline

  • Tip: follow the guidance  on Cochrane criteria RevMan is presenting while you are editing your review
  • Tip: use  a published updated review as example but realize that Cochrane criteria are regularly updated 
  • An update should be submitted every two years from the date of the former publication in the Cochrane Library.
  • The editorial process for a review update is the same as for protocols
  • Click here for a flow chart of the process and timeline


Cochrane reviews are expected to be updated every 2 years from the date of publication in the Cochrane Library. If authors are not able to do this and a review update has not been received within four years, we expect them to agree that the Title is handed over to another author team. If this is not possible, the review may be withdrawn from the Cochrane Library with a note to explain why the review has been withdrawn